Becc’s battle to CBX

2016 Bass Coast Young Citizen of the Year Becc Slavin speaks of her battle with addiction to the drug ICE, her road to recovery and her passion for CrossFit. Having been a member of the CBX CrossFit family since 2015, reading Becc’s story touched our hearts and opened our eyes to the realisation of just how much her life has been changed through finding her love for CrossFit and the ongoing support & immense strength from her CBX CrossFit family.  


I never knew the impact CrossFit would have on my life. I never knew what walking into a building with rubber floors, full of weights, wooden boxes and ropes could mean to me. Little did I know that CBX CrossFit was about to become one of the most important keys to allow me to continue to live a life free of drugs and mental illness and would paint a pathway for my life.

At age 17, I was given a choice. I was offered the drug ice and my choice completely changed everything. Over 4 years my family watched their baby girl fade away and the devil himself take hold of the little life I had left. Destroying everything in my path this drug that seemed to have me sucked in so deep it had consumed my soul. I lost my passions, jobs, family, my friends, sport, myself and many times I nearly lost my life. Stuck in a vicious cycle of addiction and hurt unable to deal with the loss of loved ones, the past abuse from boyfriends and to now the domestic violence I faced daily, I sunk deeper into this dark hole of addiction. In 2012 my drug dealer nearly killed me in a car accident, which led me to turn to a life of dealing and using drugs, unable to cope with my trauma, and injuries sustained from the crash. Diagnosed with a possible brain injury, I sank further into depression, fear and addiction, unsure at times if I even survived the crash or if I had got stuck halfway between life and death.

I was beyond rock bottom I was constantly so low it was as if I had found my way to hell itself, but it was a hell right here on earth. After 4 years stuck in ice addiction I watched all of those around me lose hope, until one day I cried out unable to face another day in that dark gloomy life.

I was able to somehow get out. I was able to go to a rehabilitation centre in Western Australia where I spent 15 months breaking my addiction and habits. Through finding faith on my journey I was now free to return home to live a life of freedom, family, opportunity, work and new passions.

Tagging along with my sister to a new gym, here is where I found CBX CrossFit. CrossFit is one of keys that sit’s beside the important few I have found in life, that together ignite my growing flame of happiness, strength and freedom. This key known as CrossFit, is essential to my life.

Though dealing with past hurt in rehab, memories and emotions can still arise. I have learnt to release my pain, anger, memories and even grief through a healthy method of working out and switching that energy to a positive drive. CrossFit pushes me past my limits and I’m able to see my goals be broken, strength be made and self-belief awakened within me. Through pushing myself to new limits, I smash through self-doubt and negative thinking patterns to allow me to be more positive in all aspects of my life. CrossFit can eliminate and reduce mental illness, such as depression.

Depression for me quickly led to suicidal tendencies and thoughts and was like a dark cloud that seems to lurk around every corner, waiting to pounce on me when I let my guard down. Other days it was like a heavy chain around me that kept me prisoner in my own head. As I continue to set foot into CBX CrossFit, that cloud of depression is swept away into a far breeze as each day goes on that chain is broken and each day I learn a new technique, jump a higher box jump or lift my own body weight or more. With each day I grow even stronger physically and mentally, giving depression no chance of sneaking back in to my life.

I’ve experienced my constant back pain that was caused by a car crash and drug use, now cease to exist because of the core strength I have developed through training CrossFit.

I’m able to incorporate cross fit into small tasks in my everyday life, even at work with heavy lifting and tasks that onlookers would assume to hard for a short girl like me.

The company you keep plays a huge role in your life. Here I have found warriors just like myself. Though our journeys are all different, we all choose to hold CrossFit essential in our lives. Together we watch each other grow, conquer and defeat labels we once wore. Some people think addiction is just swapping one for another, but its not. It is removing that addiction completely and no longer allowing that dependency to control my life. To replace it with my true fitting passion that fuels my ever-growing purpose for life.

Just like Becc’s story, there are hundreds of people world wide who speak of their battle against addiction, mental illness and self destruction to one day making the life changing decision to walk through the doors of their local CrossFit gym. In addition to drug rehab, addicts who are struggling to find recovery support should consider finding community-based programs designed to keep health and success within reach. CrossFit provides people with a common goal and paves the way of a healthy lifestyle that is supported by a strong, like-minded community of people who encourage and help one another overcome struggles and celebrate successes. If Becc’s story speaks to you, please reach out and contact us today to get started on your CrossFit journey to a life of health and wellness.