CBX CrossFit Team Series

One common trait we all have as CrossFit enthusiasts’ is that we are all slightly competitive by nature. We can’t help but thrive off a bit of competition. It help’s us break down comfort zone walls, push past boundaries we once had and fuel our motivation for tomorrow. Let’s be honest, we love competition.
So here it is, the first ever CBX CrossFit 6 week Team Series.

Whats involved? 12 workouts over 6 weeks held every Tuesdays AM and PM classes and Saturdays 7AM class. Scoring will be conducted via a points system calculating total reps, times or rounds to give teams a total score for that given workout. The team with the most accumulated points by the 6 weeks end will be crowned the 2017 CBX CrossFit Team Series Champions.

Teams will consist of two athletes and can be either M/M, F/M or F/F teams.

Scaling options for Men & Women. Bonus points awarded for RX’d workouts.

Example workout: 10 rounds for time

SKI ERG calories – 10 cals for Males 8 cals for Females.

20lbs wall ball for Males 14lbs for Females.

24kg Kettle-bell for Males 16kg for Females.

Starting date: 7th of October.

Finishing date: 18th of November.

FREE for all CBX CrossFit members. $120 for non members for full series.

Teams must be declared by Oct 4th 12PM. See coaches at the front desk to confirm your team.