CBX goes CrossFit!


The Worlds fastest growing fitness movement on the planet has hit Wonthaggi and affiliate owners Charlotte and Adam said the decision to become a CrossFit affiliate was a no brainer.

Charlotte; “We love the community feel that CrossFit brings. People from all walks of life end up in a class together, sweat together, suffer together and work hard on their weaknesses together. Through these experiences they become friends and walls are broken down. People become friends with people they never would have expected. All of a sudden, CrossFit brings a diversity of people together all with the common goal of improvement and wanting to be better than they were yesterday. Its an amazing thing to experience as a coach.”

Adam; “By fostering competition, cooperation and a network of support within our gym we aspire to build better humans in our community. Group classes create healthy competition, but never rivalries, with a strong support network that encourages everyone on the floor to do their absolute best. We’ve already witnessed this in our existing community and we are excited for our CrossFit family grow and to see better humans flourish from their involvement in CrossFit”.