CBX – One year on.

CrossFit does not discriminate, whether you are 50 years old, have just completed a marathon, are a keen sportsperson, are recovering from injury, whether walking is the only exercise you’ve had in years, or your someone training for an obstacle race. CrossFit delivers a fitness that is by design, broad, general, and inclusive. Below is written by a valued member of our box Kristy, who speaks of the positive impact CrossFit has had on not just herself, but her entire family! 

Kristy Norton, 42 year old mother of 2. 

I sound more and more like an old person when I say things like ‘I don’t know where the time goes’, but seriously, one year living in this beautiful part of the world has just whizzed by and our family is loving it.

We arrived in Inverloch in late 2016. It’s the first time we have lived in Australia in more than 10 years and it’s so good for me to be back on home soil. We’ve done the whole expat work/travel thing and with each move we have faced the challenge of meeting new people and setting up our lives from scratch – but we’re well-rehearsed with the process now and know that the gym is a great place to start to get to know people.

Our move to Inverloch has been no different. Our first introduction to CBX was made by the lovely Emma Plumb, who when hanging out at the RACV Inverloch waiting for our rental property to be ready, told us all about CBX, and from that point we have never looked back.

I say ‘we’ a little loosely because it’s taken Carey (my husband) a little longer to come around to commit to his CBX journey. We started off with the great boot camps that Charlotte and Adam ran, then when they rebranded and became ‘CBX Crossfit’, we were like ‘let’s give it a crack!’ To be honest, I felt a little intimidated by the whole Crossfit thing initially, because let’s face it, we are by no means ‘spring chickens’. I’m in my early 40’s and Carey turned the big 50 last year, but with the encouragement that Charlotte, Adam and the rest of the CBX crew provide, we definitely both feel we have a place at CBX Crossfit. We’ll never be the fastest, but you can always count on the Norton’s giving it our best.

CBX Crossfit has become integral to our whole family. Lucy (13 yrs) and Hugo (11 yrs) both attend the CBX Kids classes. It’s so great for their fitness and coordination and it’s something we can all talk about together – a common interest. CBX is a topic we discuss around the dinner table and we always ask about each other’s session. Phrases such as ‘oh yeah, we did those too’ or ‘I’m no good at those’ or ‘I smashed it today’ are frequently heard. We’re not trying to raise elite athletes by any stretch, just active kids who are developing the confidence to give anything a go. I’m stoked I can now do a rope climb as Hugo was the only one who could make the claim for quite a while. He is still the only one who can do toes to bar. Lucy loves her two sessions a week and we have watched the Crossfit Games movies together from beginning to end, repeatedly; and what amazing female role models she’s found in the sport like her Aussie Crossfit hero, Tia Toomey.

As far as the exercises go, we can do most and those we can’t, we scale it to suit our ability. There is no doubt though that ticking that ‘RX’ box on Wodify is a great feeling. There are some challenges as we cope with our respective creaks and groans – like Carey’s knees or my intermittent dodgy shoulder, though nothing that has stopped us yet. Whatever is up on that workout screen, it’s totally doable as we are alongside equally minded and supportive CBXers, and of course the expert guidance provided by Charlotte and Adam.

So, as the Norton’s head into 2018 we plan to continue our CBX Crossfit journey and am sure that it will remain an important part of our lives and our weekly schedule. We know we’ll be better for it, mentally and physically. When the kids go after school, I am generally dropping off tired and grumpy kids, when I pick them up they’re chipper! For me and Carey, it’s no different. We both love that the only weight talked about at CBX is the weight we’re either lifting or pressing and we don’t feel judged or self-conscious in anyway. People can’t believe we rise at 5am up to 5 mornings a week to train, but be assured, we are better in every way for our workout.

In early November Carey finally succumbed and became a full member (though occasionally he still asks about all the acronyms – EMOM, WOD, AMRAP, RX’ing are now all part of our lexicon) we believe it’s the best investment we can make in ourselves. By being a CBX member we get loads of perks, our performance is tracked and that small financial investment we make is motivation enough to get our butts out of bed! Besides, it’s such a giggle. I’m talking belly laugh kind of stuff. We love it and couldn’t imagine being anywhere else!

Thanks CBX Crossfit for contributing so hugely to our fantastic Bass Coast life!