Chronic back pain to CrossFit competitor!

CBX CrossFit member Sarah Hullick has come a long way since her first session in early 2015. The mother of four was once given a grim prognosis but used her optimistic attitude and CrossFit’s prescription of constantly varied, high intensity, functional movement and turned her life around!

Living, working and loving life in 2007, my life took a turn and I ended up with a prolapsed disc in my lower back. I had some great support and took up Pilates to try to regain some strength and reduce the pain.   In 2012, after my fourth child, my back pain returned. The pain was so harsh that I struggled to put a pair of socks on. I was then diagnosed with a Chronic Degenerative Disc in my lower back and was advised by a sports doctor that my next step would be surgery to undergo disc fusion or disc replacement …The prognosis was no running, no gym workouts or impact activities. Walking was going to be my alternative along with a visit to a surgeon.

At the beginning of 2015, thanks to a great friend, I found my way to CBX CrossFit. I was so keen to get back to overall physical strength but was extremely nervous about my back condition. I shared my back diagnoses with the coaches, Charlotte and Adam, and they were brilliant. I did not walk away from a session with back pain or concerns that I was pushing myself to far. I did walk away feeling absolutely buggered and completely satisfied I had been worked to my best ability. Both coaches made sure that correct technique and developmental progress was always the priority.

Before I knew it I could complete a set of pushups. Burpees had become easier and I conquered the box jump. The ‘C’ word (can’t) is never allowed at CBX CrossFit and the support and encouragement generated during group training sessions is a credit to Charlotte, Adam and the brilliant CBX community. Not only have I improved, but I have also watched my friends achieve things they thought were impossible.

Just 2 years of training at CBX CrossFit, I can now complete 20 unbroken pull ups, deadlift 85KG, handstand walk 20m unbroken, over head squat 40KG and more! All of these achievements seemed far from reachable 5 years ago after my diagnosis.

March this year, I had the opportunity to compete in the Victorian Police and Emergency Services CrossFit Games; I trained for the event under the guidance of CBX CrossFit coaches Charlotte and Adam and came away with 2nd place! Again, completely blown away with this achievement. I am truly glad I didn’t wait for surgery and opted to get strong instead!

Sarah’s advice; There is no magic fix, just show up, keep moving, keep trying, chip away at the small goals and before you know it you’ve reached some big ones!

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Sarah in uniform!

Sarah & fellow CBX CrossFit member Ian, with Rob Forte 5 x CrossFit Games Athlete