What is CrossFit


Is CrossFit for you? Learn more about it here.

What is CrossFit?

CrossFit focuses on strength and conditioning principles and consists of constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity. Each workout contains different exercises in as many different combinations over as many different time domains as creativity will allow. It designed to develop abilities across ALL aspects of fitness with the aim of preparing athletes of all ages and abilities for the ‘unknown and unknowable’. In other words, CrossFit prepares people to perform well, at any and every task imaginable.

“Constantly varied, high intensity, functional movement.”


Is CrossFit for me?

If you’re looking to improve your strength, fitness & wellbeing 
as well as vastly improving your quality of life then CrossFit is for you! Increased power, speed, strength, cardiovascular and respiratory endurance, flexibility, stamina, coordination, agility, balance and accuracy are each important to the worlds best athletes as it is just as important to our Grand parents. CrossFit is for anybody from all ages and all backgrounds. You don’t have to be strong or fit to join up. Every workout can be scaled/modified to suit your current level of ability. Your skilled and experienced trainers at CBX CrossFit will help you choose appropriate modifications to every workout ensuring that it is achievable but challenging. Its obvious the loads and intensities differ from what we would assign our Grand parents to an Olympic athlete, but both need to squat. In fact, squatting is essential to maintaining functional independence and improving fitness. At CBX CrossFit the community ranges from people who are looking to have fun in a group environment to those who are serious about being the best athlete they can be in their chosen sport. So if you are looking to improve your strength and fitness and well being as well as vastly improving your quality of life then YES, CrossFit is for you!


How does it work?

Rather than having one workout for each the beginners, injured members and another for experienced athletes – there’s one workout conducted each day (WOD) that is completely scalable to your requirements.

For example, if the workout includes a movement you can not perform for any reason, then your experienced trainers will offer you a multitude of scaled or varied options that compliment and develop you towards achieving that movement safely and within your ability.

If you’re injured and can’t do the movement at all, an alternative movement will be scaled, and if the number of reps is too many for your current ability or fitness, that will be reduced. As you get stronger and more experienced you’ll work your way towards eventually doing the workouts as prescribed. By scaling the workout back to suit the individual we ensure that the workout is challenging yet achievable for the beginner to CrossFit athlete. As the athlete gains knowledge of movements, becomes stronger and can maintain intensity for longer they will again change the scaling options to suite their newfound abilities. Every member is assessed by the skilled trainers and scales the workouts accordingly. Safety along with intensity is priority to trainers at CBX CrossFit.


What to expect?

Our WODs and Metcon classes take up to one hour from start to finish. Everybody starts at the same time, there are coaches constantly watching, helping and explaining movements and the workout, and all members will constantly support each other before – during – and after the workout. The last person to finish the workout ALWAYS gets the loudest cheer!


Dynamic warm up – The dynamic warm up includes active movements such as squats, push ups, lunges, pull ups. Functional movements, stretches, and mobility work that compliment the movements you’ll be doing in the workout that day. This ensures you are warm and ready before you start your workout.

Skill/Strength progressions – If the workout includes a skill based movement such as an olympic lift or gymnastic movement, coaches will spend time at the start of a workout on progressions. This will include a breakdown and run through of movements in a group usually with broomsticks or other equipment that simulates the real thing.

WOD or MET CON – This is when every member completes the prescribed workout under the time or repetition domain set. Each workout differs for each member depending on the scaling options given by the coaching staff. For round or rep based workouts if one member finishes before another you will commonly find them up and cheering on the rest of the members still working.

Cool down and stretching – Once the entire class has completed the workout and all equipment is put away the head trainer will take the members through mobility work and stretching to cool down the muscles. It is highly recommended that ALL members participate in the cool down and stretching part of the class to lower the risk of injury due to muscle tightness. This is also a great opportunity for members to catch up and have a laugh and socialize amongst each other.


What am I paying for?

We don’t operate like a normal gym. At CBX CrossFit we run group classes. Due to the specialised, technical nature of CrossFit’s movements, our coaches’ focus on teaching safety, efficiency and efficacy whilst monitoring the class at all times. They are also sharing their own in depth knowledge with you and teaching you movement that otherwise would be very difficult to achieve. Add to this the amazing facility filled with all the equipment required to perform all CrossFit movements as well as having full access to our interactive kiosk where all athletes will have instant visual of their past performances and keep track of all improvements plus access to a nutritional journal to keep athletes accountable. Programming is something in which is essential to success in your CrossFit journey. Our coaches at CBX CrossFit are experienced in programming workouts and strive to achieve the right balance between recovery and adaptation in order to achieve goals. We also offer 1 on 1 Personal Training sessions for athletes looking for a more personal approach to the health and fitness goals. These sessions are to be made via appointment with your coach in which all CBX CrossFit Members are rewarded with a 15% discount on all Personal Training sessions.